Our main priority, as it has been every step of the way, is to ensure members of the Huntsville community continue to have local access to the quality, compassionate care they deserve.

This court filing is an initial step that will reposition the Walker County Hospital Corporation and ultimately allow HMH to continue fulfilling its mission.

Bankruptcy will best enable the hospital to continue sustainable operations as we continue to work on securing a strategic partnership through the Chapter 11 process.

A Brighter Future 

Huntsville Memorial Hospital is in a better position, and our future is brighter today.

While we have faced challenges, we have made significant strides over the past year, and we have much to be proud of at HMH. Thanks to the hard work of HMH’s caring and talented employees, providers and caregivers, the hospital is well-positioned for a strategic partnership.

  • With the guidance of a strong leadership team, HMH has improved its operating margin by 49.9 percent and increased its net margin by 46.5 percent.
  • The hospital’s stroke program was nationally recognized by the American Heart Association’s “Get With The Guidelines” Stroke award, which is selectively granted to hospitals that have shown consistent improvement in patient outcomes.
  • The Emergency Department has reduced door to provider times by 53 percent to a current average of around 30 minutes. Also, the HMH Emergency Department has reduced the number of patients who choose to leave without being seen from 3 percent in 2017 to an average of 1.98 percent in 2019.

  • HMH has implemented standardized safety huddles focused on key daily safety measures which have improved communication and safety reporting by 142 percent.
  • The Foley Catheter Reduction Project has reduced urinary tract infections by 100 percent with the use of evidence-based protocol.
  • Falls have decreased by 15.8 percent through the use of visual cues and fall risk identification led by our Falls Taskforce.

Next Steps

While we are in the early stages and don’t have all the answers today, we anticipate completing the Chapter 11 process within three to five months. In the end, our goal is that HMH will emerge a more focused, profitable hospital that is better positioned to provide quality care for generations to come.

Throughout this process, we are committed to engaging our patients, community, employees and physicians to provide updates as we move forward. Nothing changes today for the patients or employees of HMH. As always, HMH will continue to offer the same quality care provided by the same experienced physicians and employees in the same location.