A Message to Residents of Huntsville, Texas from Mac Woodward

In light of the nature of the media interest in the Hospital District’s latest meeting, it is important for the community to have important substance and context about where things are today at Huntsville Memorial Hospital.

I want to be absolutely clear: HMH has made important improvements compared to where we were a year ago. Indeed, our future is brighter today. A few facts illustrate this clearly:

  1. Admissions were up in July ’18 compared to July ’17 by nearly 10 percent and total patient days in that period rose by seven percent.
  2. Inpatient stays and visits to the emergency department were each higher in July of this year than a year ago. Specifically, inpatient surgeries were up nearly 13 percent.
  3. Staffing and location footprint have been adjusted to align with patient demand and our financial capabilities.
  4. Patient advocates have been added in the emergency department and we are actively recruiting for other positions in other areas.
  5. A special program has been launched to provide prenatal care to Medicaid patients at HMH Medical Clinic, increasing access to Labor and Delivery services in our community and funding to the hospital.
  6. These things have been accomplished in significant part through normal employee attrition and moving patient care from outlying areas to the hospital itself. Our vital nursing staff remains strong and continues to provide excellent patient care.
  7. A number of highly-respected health systems have formally indicated interest in potentially exploring what a future with Huntsville Memorial Hospital could look like and are in the process of conducting standard confidential due diligence work.

It is no secret that HMH faces financial challenges and we are actively engaged in identifying a potential health system partner. That is not news to our community and it is not unique to HMH. Many hospitals around the country are in a similar situation.

Importantly, HMH and the region we serve represent an attractive opportunity for a number of highly respected prospective partners with the financial ability to invest capital in the healthcare future of this community.

I want to underscore that the work over the last few months is making a huge positive difference for our patients and this community.

We have made important improvements compared to a year ago, and we will continue to work diligently toward achieving our priority of ensuring members of the Huntsville community have access to the high quality, compassionate healthcare they deserve for generations to come.


Walter Woodward
Chairman, Huntsville Memorial Hospital Operating Board